The Benefits Of An Internet Marketing Center

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Your eCommerce company could be a start up or a million dollar firm, the fact is that without SEO you can't make it in today's digital world. Google has become the go-to platform for people searching for products. SEO is the best way you can reach those people. And it would be crippling.

Most small business selling online simply don't have the time or money to do the paperwork necessary to file tax returns in 45 additional states - and keep in mind that they'd have to do so monthly. While Amazon can afford to throw entire teams of people at the problem, an online store run out of a house with only a few employees (if that) can't make it work. Many businesses operate at margins of only 10-20 percent, so their actual income and ability to cover these incremental operating costs are comparatively low.

Duplicate content issues are a large concern on e-commerce sites.

When designing, and updating, your site, remember that search engines operates under specific, and seemingly mysterious, parameters for deciding ranking. Most e-commerce sites offering products are using a description similar across all sites that offer the same product.

It is essential that you check your site on CopyScape. Unique content on your site is the key to standing out amongst your competitors. You want your site to add value. You don't want to be just another version of the same old thing.

We curate these products directly from the makers and are trying to organise the unorganised market through technology. The target age group, according to research, is 28 onwards, as it is a premium platform and requires high disposable income. But I feel that it will be pulled down to 25 onwards,” says Birla, 22, founder and CEO, CuroCarte, which has currently employed around 50 people. She adds that they will buy the products outright from the makers and give them the best remuneration based on their skill-set and quality.

Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) has come out with some techno legal solutions to resolve these issues. It has launched unique techno legal projects on e-courts and online dispute resolution (ODR) in India. These projects can be utilised by Indian government, public sector undertakings (PSU), Indian companies, multi national companies (MNCs), national and international organisations, individuals, etc. One such segment that can use these techno legal service is the e-commerce industry of India. A prototype of a platform to resolve e-commerce disputes in India can be accessed here We are working on a model that would utilise the existing and future techno legal experience of P4LO regarding resolving e-commerce disputes through ODR.

International Data Corp estimates the value of it by 2000 at US$350.38 billion. This is projected to reach to as high as US$3.14 trillion by 2004.

IDC also predicts an increase for the Asian's percentage share in worldwide e-commerce revenue from 5% in 2000 to 10% in 2004. While some people use e-commerce and e-business interchangeably, they have distinct concepts about that. Information and communications technology is used in e-commerce in inter-business or inter-organizational transactions and in business-to-consumer transactions.